In 2013, a beer historian with autism named Lance Rice left home on his own for the first time at the age of 55 and began a nationwide journey to pursue his dream to write a book about the history of American beer and give back to others with autism. With the support of generous people and breweries across the country, Lance overcame incredible odds and traveled nearly 40,000 miles over the next few years. Despite experiencing miraculous growth that helped inspire a movement to give hope to others with disabilities, setbacks and heartbreaks in the years that followed brought Lance’s journey to an end and put his lifelong dream at risk of never being fulfilled. 

The Documentary

Lance’s Brewery Tour chronicles the life and unbelievable journey of beer historian with autism Lance Rice. Unable to leave home on his own, Lance spent 40 years collecting beer cans and memorizing the history of brewing – all from his bedroom. That is, until, the summer of 2013 when Lance set out with his nephew to see America’s breweries and pursue a dream a lifetime in the making. 

Throughout the next few years Lance and his nephew traveled the nation, overcoming incredible odds. But the end of their exhausting brewery tour was just the beginning. To carry Lance’s dream across the finish line, Lance and his nephew will have to endure unforeseen heartache and believe together that some journeys are worth a lifetime     

Lance’s Cause

Lance’s Brewery Tour began with the goal to one day give hope and assistance back to those touched by disabilities. While traveling the nation, Lance and his team met countless beautiful people, some with disabilities and so many who dedicate their lives to serving the disabled community.

In 2014 Lance’s Room (a 501 c3 charity) was established to help others touched by autism and disabilities. While seeing Lance’s dream through to the end was our primary focus, we were inspired by those who inspired us along the way to give back as soon as we could. Lance’s Brewery Tour goes to support Lance’s Room and it’s effort to provide scholarships, vocational training and direct aid to individuals and families touched by disabilities.