Lance Rice in Middle School

A Brewing Historian with Autism. A Journey. A Miracle.


As a child autism was not as well understood or accepted as it is today.  Lance was considered “low-functioning” and was institutionalized and was given treatments that are considered unethical today. They called him slow, retarded – People just really didn’t know what it was back then.

Jean Rice-Watson (Lance’s Mom)



Lance & Aaron Rice at Great Lakes Brewery If it took nearly forty years for your dream to come true, would you give up? Now in his mid-fifties, Lance Rice is a gifted beer historian with a photographic memory. For nearly forty years Lance has used his computer-like mind to memorize a staggering amount of knowledge in beer and brewery history. Yet even more astonishing is the fact that Lance has never been able to share his passion with the world… Lance has autism.

Lance’s Brewery Tour is a journey, a film and a book – and for Lance, it is a dream come true. Lance’s dream is to travel to America’s greatest breweries and write a book about the history and culture of American breweries. His book will be a beautiful written and photographic encyclopedia of American beer culture past and present. Lance’s Brewery Tour will also be a feature length documentary about Lance’s inspiring journey from being a “low-functioning” child to overcoming the odds and becoming an author who hopes help others with autism. With the nation’s most notable breweries standing behind Lance and his story already making national news, Lance’s Brewery Tour is poised to become a landmark film and and book!

Lance’s Brewery Tour, however,  is more than just a film and book. It is a project that will inspire and change the world – and that’s just the beginning. Through Lance’s Brewery Tour Lance will be able to establish a charity called Lance’s Room, which will help others with autism achieve their dreams, attend college, receive vocational training and more. That is the heart of “Beer. Autism. Hope.” Lance’s journey is a once-in-a-lifetime story and a miracle that continues to grow. His life and the incredible journey are the subject of the soon-coming Lance’s Brewery Tour documentary.