Lance at The Brew KettleWe are on the verge of creating a film and book that will inspire and impact countless people worldwide.  Lance’s Brewery Tour is already being regarded as one of the beer world’s most inspiring projects. Most importantly, proceeds from Lance’s Brewery Tour will help bring to life Lance’s Room, an autism charity made possible by Lance’s Brewery Tour! Through the help and generosity of so many who helped Lance inspire the world, we will be able to help others touched by autism attend college, receive career training, treatment and achieve their dreams for years to come!

None of this is possible without your support. Lance’s Brewery Tour a massive undertaking. Aaron Rice (Lance’s nephew) and a film crew  spent the last year with Lance, filming, photographing, writing and caring for Lance from coast-to-coast. Throughout the coming months a team of talented filmmakers, sound professionals, editors, designers and writers will be working tirelessly to turn Lance’s life and his epic journey into a feature length film and a book. We are so close to showing Lance’s Brewery Tour to the world but we need your help to reach the finish line.


To make an online donation on Pay Pal simply click the Pay Pal link to your right and donate any amount. 100% of contributions go to fund Lance’s Brewery Tour and further the Beer. Autism. Hope. cause.